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28 March 2009 @ 08:05 pm
AHHH I'M SORRY, I MEANT TO POST A LOT OF THESE A LOT EARLIER. ;O; Thanks so much to everyone who's put up with my lack of updates, and for everyone who's joined the community regardless! ♥ Like I said, a lot of these icons are old, and many date way back to June of last year, so yeah, I mean, I guess it might be pretty cool to see how my style changed? XD; But yeah, for being gone so long, this really isn't a very big or amazing post by any standards, but I swear I'll post more often from now on! Or you know. Like, once every five months? - shot -

Blood, Bebop, & Eureka
- 12 Blood +
- O4 Cowboy Bebop
- O4 Eureka Seven
Square Enix
- O1 FF4
- O1 FF6
- O1 FF7
- O1 FF7: AC
- O2 FF7: CC
- O2 FF8
- O3 FF9
- O9 FF10
- O4 FF10-2
- O6 FF12
- O3 FF13
- O8 KH2
- O1 KH-Re: CoM

66 icons
O2 Reno Headers from ff_party

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21 August 2008 @ 11:27 am

Real post coming ... eventually. xD;
18 July 2008 @ 08:27 pm
So apparently I'm getting into this whole biannual icon posting thing? XD; Sorry guys ~ I've been really busy this summer, oh but I just noticed that since my last post, I've gotten over 40 new watchers, so a huge thank you to everyone for sticking with me despite my lazy updates! ♥ (x-posted everywhere -- sorry!)

Blood Plus
- 12 icons
Square Enix
- O1 FF7
- O3 FF7: AC
- O2 FF8
- O6 FF10
- O1 FF10-2
- O5 FF12
- O5 FF13
- O1 KH2
Assorted Animes
- O1 Basilisk
- O1 Bleach
- O9 Cowboy Bebop
- O4 Eureka Seven
- O1 Howl's Moving Castle
- O1 Princess Mononoke
- O2 Revolutionary Girl Utena

55 icons

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09 February 2008 @ 07:55 pm
Well I didn't intend for the next post to take so long (I was originally planning on posting these by the New Year, but waiting for icontest results to come up takes a surprisingly long time), but I guess this way you get more variety, plus, you can see my progress in style! :D

X-posted absolutely everywhere; sorry for thoroughly spamming your friendslist!

Cowboy Bebop
- 44 icons
- O2 headers
Square Enix
- O1 FF6
- O2 FF7
- O5 FF7: AC
- O3 FF7: DoC
- O1 FF8
- O1 FF9
- 12 FF10
- O6 FF10-2 + O1 200x200
- O3 FF12
- O5 KH
Studio Ghibli
- O2 Howl's Moving Castle
- O8 Spirited Away

O1 200x200
O2 Headers
93 Icons

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Horray for a new-ish icon post? :D
Well I completely redid the community profile a while ago, so if you haven't seen that yet, go look!
xfreestyle xfreestyle xfreestyle !

I've been rewatching my Cowboy Bebop tapes recently, reawakening my inner fangirl and all that, so I figure I'll probably make some Bebop-related stuff next time my weekend frees up? 8D ♥

x1 Amatsuki
x17 Assorted CLAMP
x1 Devil May Cry 3
x1 Eternal Sonata
x1 Final Fantasy (General)
x3 Final Fantasy X
x3 Final Fantasy X-2
x3 Final Fantasy XII
x2 Final Fantasy I Remake
x1 Hikaru no Go
x2 Katekyo Hitman Reborn
x3 Kingdom Hearts II
x1 Lineage II
x1 Magna Carta
x1 Marmalade Boy
x1 Ouran Host Club
x1 Super Smash Brothers Brawl
x1 Time Stranger Kyoko
x1 WarTech: Senko No Ronde

45 icons total

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