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Welcome to xFreestyle, anniereckless's spur of the moment icon journal. <3

The icons in this journal mostly center around videogames (Final Fantasies &
Kingdom Hearts) and various animanga (not gonna list all of those), but I'll branch
out to other subjects occasionally.

With this icon journal, unfortunately, also comes a set of rules I'd like to be
followed, should you take any of my icons. Your cooperation is very much
appreciated. (:

Credit either anniereckless or xfreestyle. Just slip in something in your
keywords or comments. (:

Comment the post stating which icons you're taking. Okay, well, this isn't exactly necessary, but I like knowing which of my icons people prefer. Plus, comments
make me happy. ♥

Do not hotlink. It steals bandwidth, and eventually my images won't display in the
community. If you want to post my icon on your site, save it to your own drive and
rehost it (and credit!) Don't know what hotlinking is? Read this.

Do not edit/redistribute/blatantly copy my icons.
Yes, I've actually had people do that. It's insulting and we will flame your ass.

And also, completely optional, but go ahead and join the community - any future
tutorials, requests, and other little "extras" will only be available to members. (:

Now with all that said and done, enjoy! <3